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Funky Links Contest

The Halloween 24-7.com Funky Links Contest is a perpetual contest that I have devised. Here is how it works.

Somewhere on this site, other than the links page and other pages listed below in the contest rules, there will be a link that does not fit in with the content of the site. The link will either be hidden, or will be right out in the open depending on how I feel. You might have to drag your mouse around on blank areas of the site, or it may be a link right out there in the open. If you are the first person to find the "Funky Link" and ask me about it, or point it out, you will be the winner.

Here are the official rules in full of the Funky Links Contest:

    Revised April 8th, 2004
    Revised March 24th, 2005, in an effort to help everyone understand what is Off-Limits.

  1. No Purchase necessary to win. (Especially since I'm not selling anything....yet.)

  2. A Funky Link will be placed somewhere on the Halloween24-7.com web site.

  3. The following is a list of OFF LIMIT LINKS AND PAGES. This means that the Funky Link will never be placed there.
    • The Code Amber Alert Ticker is not, and never will be, the Funky Link. This is a serious service to help find abducted children.
    • It will NEVER be placed on the Links Page since I have helpful non-halloween related things on that page.
    • It will NEVER be placed on the Daily List Links 2004 Page, or Daily List Links 2005 Page since I have no control over the links posted to the Halloween L, and that page was posted as a reference for the members of that emailing list.
    • It will NEVER be placed on the Funky Links Page (the page that you are on right now) since I have links to the websites that were at one time the winning Funky Link.

  4. The link may be hidden, ie. it may be on a blank area of the site and not visible to the naked browser. In other words, you may have to drag your cursor over it in order to see it.

  5. The link may be out in the open, and just go to a web site that does not seem to be in keeping with the content of a Halloween web site. It will always take you off the Halloween 24-7.com website, and the link will always be family rated.

  6. Once a contest is started it will continue until there is a winner no matter how long that may take.

  7. The winner is the first person that e-mails me HERE with the link, OR inquires or points out the link in an e-mail to me at this web site, even if that person has no idea that the contest exists. If you email me on one of the lists that I belong to, that will not count, and you may wind up giving the answer to someone eles on one of the lists!

  8. To make it fair to everyone, you are limited to one win every 3 months. If a contest should go past the 3 month mark with no winner, and you have won the prior contest, you then become eligible for the current contest.

  9. In the event that I receive two or more entries at the same time, the winner will be drawn at random.

  10. Once there is a winner of the current contest, I will, at my discretion, start a new contest. This may be immediately, or there may be some time before the next one.

  11. Currently the winner of the contest will win a CD of their choice! This is limited to a single CD (no boxed sets or rare CDs. I do have a limited budget). The winner will also receive a 10 stick package of HOT BLOOD! If you don't know what HOT BLOOD is, check it out at the Skeleton Coast Website.

  12. The winner should provide me with a first, second, and third choice title. Every effort will be made to find the first CD of choice for the winner.

  13. If I can not find the first choice, I will go to the second choice CD, and if I can not find that I will go to the third choice.

  14. The web master chooses to reserve the right to change the prize for each contest, but if there is a change of prize, it will be posted to the web site prior to the start of the new contest.

  15. At the end of the year, all of the winners names will be entered into a random drawing for the Funky Links GRAND PRIZE. If you have won more than once, you will be entered one time for each of your wins. I don't know what the grand prize for this year will be as of yet. The Grand Prize will change from year to year.

Below you will find the start and end dates of the contest, where the Funky Link went to, what page the link was on, and the name of the winner. And below that you can see what CDs the winners have picked and received. Best of luck to all.
---The WebMaster


The 2004 Grand Prize Winner is: Kit
For details of the Grand Prize Drawing, CLICK HERE.
Contest # Starts Ended Funky Link Went to Funky Link Was On Winner
1 11/01/2003 12/16/2003 Hello Kitty HallowPics Page Kit
2 1/1/2004 4/1/2004 Hamsterdance.com Site Navigation Panel FireFrightener
* 6/8/2004 6/9/2004 Hamsterdance.com Site Map Stacey
3 6/8/2004 6/14/2004 Moist Towelette Online Museum Animatronic Head Kit DarkRob
2005 - 2012
Contest # Starts Ended Funky Link Went to Funky Link Was On Winner
4 3/10/2005 ? ? ? ?
* - Special Circumstances Winner. Found a Funky Link that was left in some code that I copied from the Site Navigation page and forgot to remove. So a Funky Link that I left by mistake was found and brought to my attention. Winner will receive all prizes and be entered into the Grand Prize Drawing at the end of the year.


Prior Winners of the Funky Links Contest
have received the following Compact Discs:

Click here to check out the CD and the Artist

Sample of "Born Of The Night"

Click here to check out the CD and the Artist

Sample of "Vampyre"

Click here to check out the CD and the Artist

Sample of "Realm Of Shadows"

Click here to check out the CD and the Artist

Sample of "Pumpkinland"

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