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Websites with Lists of Haunt Gatherings around the country.

Want to find a Haunter Gathering near you, Check out these links!

Scary Ohio -- List of Haunt Gatherings.

Prop Master -- List of Haunt Gatherings.

EarthSands Halloween -- List of Haunt Gatherings.

BloodsWorth Manor -- List of Haunt Gatherings.

Halloween Lists and Forums

Links to the Various E-Mail lists and forums. Great rescources for Ideas.
* WARNING * Some of the E-Mail lists generate upwards of 400 E-Mails right around October.

Halloween-L -- E-Mail list also known as the "L".

Halloween L Off List -- Yahoo! Group to keep the more off topic disscussions off of the "L".

Howl 2000 -- E-Mail list, not as high volume as the "L".

Methodz Of Madness -- The "MoM" Prop builders Forum.

Halloween Picture Galleries

Links to the Various Picture Galleries

Halloween Gallery -- HalloweenGallery.com :: Your Halloween Photo Album.

Haunt Pics -- Need a place to post your Haunt Pictures try this site.

Websites With TransWorld 2004 Photos

Ian's Website -- Direct link to the pictures page.

Upier's Websitesite -- Direct link to the pictures page.

TK895's Pictures -- Direct link to the pictures page.

Barry's Pictures -- Direct link to the pictures page.

Wickedbeernut's Website -- Direct link to the pictures page.

Jim, From HauntMaster Products -- Direct link to the pictures page.

Nautical Nightmare -- Direct link to the pictures page.

Costume Ball -- Direct link to the pictures page.
The photo album is password protected, and the password is: Chicago

Misc. Information: Interesting Reading for Background Information

A to Z of Cemetery Symbols -- Tombstone Art & Symbols.

Allen's Halloween Page -- How-to descriptions of my home-built Halloween haunted house special effects with pictures and spooky links.
(No Music)

Carving Pumpkins.com -- Artificial Pumpkin (Funkin) Carving Instructions
(No Music)

Animatrionics: How To Build Skull and Skeleton Animatronics

Audio-Servo Circuit -- Scary Terry's Audio-Servo circuit.
(No Music)

Bucky Servo -- Scary Terry's How-To for installing a servo in a Bucky Skull.
(No Music)

Build your own Skeleton Animatronic! -- The name there says it all!
(No Music)

Prop Building: Websites

The Monster List -- MonsterList Of Links to Halloween Do-It-Yourself Projects.

Haunt Project -- A site like the MonsterList above, but with pictures to help guide you.

HalloweenBuilders -- A Prop Builders Rescource Page.
(New site, has lots of bugs right now that I am sure will be ironed out, but should be a great resource as people add content.)

On-Line Retailers: Props,Supplies, and Effects


CreepyFX -- CreepyFX! is your easiest, best corpse prop guide on the net! Prop building guides and do-it-yourself manuals.

Halloween Lights -- Halloween Led floodlights and prop eyes, in many colors, well built items at a great price!
(New site.)

Scare Parts -- Air powered effects, and parts.

Terror Tunnel -- Pre made Vortex Tunnels.


ZeroToys.com -- Airzooka, ZeroBlaster ect.

Computers: Not Halloween Related

Annoyances.org -- Windows work-arounds.

LeoVille -- Radio and TV talk show host. If it has a chip in it he will talk about it.

Jeff Levy On Computers -- Radio talk show host in Los Angeles who helps people at all levels with their computer problems.

DSL Reports -- Look up Broad Band access. Plus lots of information on web access and related issues.

Crucial.com -- A memory and RAM upgrade store by Crucial Technology

Computer Software: Not Halloween Related

Globalscape.com -- Web related utility software, including CuteFTP (used by the webmaster at this site).

Eversoft -- Free HTML editor.

Zone Labs -- Makers of Zone Alarm personal pc firewall protection, one of the best, and it's free.

Computer Virus Hoaxes and Urban Legends: References

Vmyths.com -- Learn about computer virus myths, hoaxes, urban legends, and the implications if you believe in them. You can also search a list of computer virus hoaxes from A to Z.

Snopes -- The definitive Internet reference source for urban legends, myths, and folklore.

Urban Legends.com -- The AFU & Urban Legends Archive.

Urban Legends.about.com -- THE starting place for exploring Urban Legends and Folklore on the Web. (One pop up window)

Urban Legends Research Centre -- Urban Legends research service and Urban Legends reference library! A centre for the rational and entertaining examination of Urban Legends, Urban Beliefs and folklore.

NetSquirrel.com -- The Urban Legend Combat Kit at NetSquirrel.com.

ScamBusters -- Urban Legends: Don't Believe Everything You Read.

HoaxBusters -- U.S. Department of Energy CIAC (Computer Incident Advisory Capability)

Fun Links: Just Fun Misc. Links Not Halloween Related

Apple.com -- See Movie Trailers on-line in QuickTime format.

JoBlo's Movie Wallpapers -- The number one source for movie wallpapers, desktop patterns and backgrounds on the Internet: Any movie that has a wallpaper will be on this page.

MovieBoss -- Cool sim game that let's you own your own virtual movie theatre chain!

The Easter Egg Archive -- The term "Easter Egg", means any amusing tidbit that creators hid in their creations. This site has them, from software to operating systems.

The T'inator -- Gives any webpage the Mr. T makeover!

OxymoronList.com -- The largest list of oxymorons ever collected online.

Google Technology -- The technology behind Google's great results. (Someone over there has a great sense of humor)

Google MentalPlex Frequently Asked Questions -- Another Google Technology

Google MentalPlex Illustrations -- Directions on how to use the MentalPlex Search


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